Monday, June 6, 2011

A Weekend Peek

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Happy Monday!  Our weekend included

+ kids waking up way too early
+mandatory nap times due to our early risers
+fish tacos on a Friday night
+Miss A and I dressed up on Saturday morning to attend a baptism (the Saturday highlight hands-down)
+the husband blowing up the kiddy pool for it's maiden voyage of the summer
+a stressed out me forgetting all about that FUN word and wondering when I was going to get things accomplished due to the Saturday swimming detour I didn't plan into my day
+dixie cups filled with dirt and seeds for an object lesson on faith
+fresh eggs from our kind neighbor
+operation wash out the diaper bag after an unfortunate spill of rice milk (and the discovery that yes, even rice milk can stink)
+lots of Sunday meetings, some stressful, some sweet, overall satisfying
+the baby's first official day in nursery, which I hear came with a plentiful side of tears.  hoping next week is better
+de-Man actually saying part of his primary talk on his own- total milestone
+Sunday night pizza night-  cheese-less for the muffin, but I couldn't handle any more days without pizza
+Sunday evening schedule-coordinating with the husband, and a realization that summer is filling up much faster than I'd like

Day 1 of summer is off to a good start.  My early risers slept in, thank heavens.  Hoping that was just a weekend fluke.  Some of the everyday routine still needs to be accomplished, but we've also squeezed in some time to play and a trip to see my dad, and it's only 1:15.  I can tell this is the beginning of good things to come.


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