Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The right things

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Late afternoon yesterday (conveniently after the pediatrician's office was closed for the day) I was sitting at the urgent care office with the baby.  An asthma attack came on full force, and I knew he needed help.  He's only had one other asthmatic episode traced to a food reaction, so this time had me puzzled as to what the trigger could be (current explanation is seasonal allergies).  While at the urgent care, we had to do a breathing treatment.  I know that there are parents who do this regularly with their kids, but this is only the second time for us, and we're still in the stage where it's pretty terrible.  Luckily the husband showed up right before the treatment began, and he tried to hold the mask close to our baby's face while I held him as tight as I could.  He put up an incredible struggle as I wrapped my arms around his arms.  He kicked and wiggled and fought and screamed, and even though I knew it was the best thing for him and exactly what he needed, it was still hard to see him struggling to get free and struggling to breath and feeling confused as to why we were putting him through this. It was a rough night with another episode of breathing difficulty, and I'm still waiting for the baby to wake up to see what today will hold, but I have a feeling more breathing treatments are in his future.  And even though it's the only thing that can help him at this point, sometimes the right thing is the hard thing.  

Later last night after the kids were settled in bed, I caught a late dinner with my friend Hannah.  Hannah is the kind of friend that every girl needs- perfect to share recipes or motherhood ideas or favorite products or meaningful conversations with.  We had a lot to talk about catching up with each other, and I was especially excited to hear her perspective regarding her post that would go live today.  After four years and great success, Hannah is leaving the blogging world.  I know many of you have made your way here from Sherbet Blossom, and I'm grateful for the support that Hannah has given me not only in blogging, but as an incredible friend.  She is a remarkable woman full of creativity and compassion and commitment to what matters most.  Hearing her perspective last night was so refreshing.  Walking away from success isn't something that happens very often in today's world, and Hannah has the conviction and courage to do just that.  It's not a decision that she's taken lightly, and it definitely hasn't been an easy one to make.  But sometimes the right thing is the hard thing.   

I think this will continue to be something I reflect on, and something I find strength in.  Sometimes the right thing is the hard thing.  The fact that it's hard doesn't make it any less right, but it does push us to become who we need to be.  There is growth to be found as we choose the right things, no matter how difficult they are.  Yes, sometimes the right thing is the hard thing.  

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Hannah said...

Thanks so much for treating me to an outing last night, Christina. It was exactly what I needed to recommit to my decision. I always come home from spending time with you inspired and telling Jason what a gem of a friend you are. I'm lucky to have you in my life.