Thursday, June 16, 2011

Reminding Myself

found via pinterest

School ended a short 12 days ago, and I'm already finding a need to remind myself of what is most important.  Week one was great.  I've set up some structured time for the kids throughout the day with things they need to accomplish each day, and they were excited to check off their responsibilities.  Week two has come and some things are already fizzling.  I think I need to come up with more incentive/resolve to help them stick to their daily tasks.

But tasks aside, I have to remind myself to let some things go.  In the big picture, it didn't really matter that the baby was woken up by an eager big brother after only a half hour nap.  What did matter was the way I chastised said big brother and hurt his feelings.  In the big picture, it didn't really matter that Miss A ate so much watermelon at dinner she neglected her smoothie.  In the big picture, it didn't really matter that the muffin wanted to walk through the house shaking empty boxes of rice milk, but getting the few last drops everywhere in the process.  And it didn't matter that he spilled half his smoothie.  And it didn't matter that he unfolded all the socks I had just matched.  And it didn't matter that above instances were less than half my day.  Yes, I need to help teach cleanliness and order, but the above mentioned events don't matter enough to make me lose my cool and ruin my mood.  I've been forgetting that.

I find myself needing this reminder all.the.time.  I get so wrapped up in what must be done that I become easily frustrated when things are stopping my progress.  And that frustration leads me to be not the nicest mom.  And then any fun plans go out the window because I've become frustrated.  I'm realizing I don't always bounce back as quickly as I should from all these things that really don't matter- I let them build and color my day.  I lose my perspective that they really don't matter.  Life is full of messes and mistakes.  I make my own fair share.  But I'm grateful that the One I'm apologizing to doesn't hold it over me or let it influence anything else.  I need to give my own kids that some gift.  And I hope that I can really change and I won't be needing to give myself this reminder again in the next few weeks.

In case you need more of a reminder, this video helped me put things in perspective.


Evaly said...

Amen. Thanks for sharing. Our first day of summer was SO GOOD- perfect really. And then we've had the rest of the week. I am already losing my enthusiasm. I really needed that video today.

Corine said...

I just saw you on laura's blog, and I'm so glad I came here - With school just getting out, and me just getting home from being away for three weeks... this message is very timely. And, I love the video! :D I must find a way to share that on my blog as one of my Monday Media's. Thanks so much for sharing... this was a great post!
Corine :D

Kathryn said...

Thank you for sharing this today!! Our summer vacation starts next week and I needed this reminder. I'm a lot like you and get caught up in what isn't getting done, and letting the bad points of the day overshadow the good. I need to refocus my attention on the good things even when they are messy or not what I had planned.