Monday, June 27, 2011

Home Again

Miss A on the left with her favorite cousin ready for flower girl duties -forgive the iphone pics

We just got home from a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas for a family wedding.  It was great to gather with extended family from across the country and enjoy lazy days at the fancy resort pool and nights filled with wedding festivities.  The kids held up fairly well, and the husband and I had some great time to talk while driving.  All in all it was a great trip, but there was one overall theme that stuck out to me throughout our travels.

de-Man ready for the wedding (although he wouldn't walk down the aisle when the time came)

On our way down, we stopped in St. George- home of a convenient off the freeway Costco for (slightly) cheaper gas and a nearby In-N-Out for a quick bit of burger heaven.  We ventured into the restaurant to stretch our legs and give the kids a chance to use the bathroom, and after ordering we attempted to find a place to sit.  It was a busy lunch hour, but a man at a table slid over to join his group at a neighboring counter to make room for our family.  I thanked him for his gesture and we all proceeded to eat.  As he was finishing up with his group, these men all turned to us and started commenting on our family and reminiscing about their own.  They complimented our kids on their BYU-blue eyes and sweet smiles, and then the man who moved tables lingered to talk.  "I really miss those days when my kids were small.  It goes by so quickly."  We asked about his family and he informed us that his youngest was 12, his oldest 24 and had recently produced the first grandchild.  "I guess I'm glad it's starting over now that the grandkids are starting," he smiled.  "You have a beautiful family."  The tenderness from this 50-something out with his buddies and their teenage boys was pure sweetness.  He was a family man, and it was easy to see.  I appreciated him taking the time to talk with us and continued to think about our conversation.

the Muffin asleep in the car after afore-mentioned trip to In-N-Out- note the burger on the left
And then over and over again, all weekend long, his words were repeated.  Strangers at the hotel breakfast, doting relatives, all echoing the words, "You have a beautiful family."  Traveling with my kids isn't a very...ahem...relaxing experience for me (I'm sure you're shocked).  So amidst the lack-of-sleep-induced moods and the stress of almost losing the middle child during the rehearsal dinner in the middle of a casino and trying to keep up with food allergies while not eating at home and all of the other not so relaxing events, it was just the reminder I needed.  I have a beautiful family, and I know someday I will really miss these days when my kids are small.  I am grateful I get to be in the here and now with them, moods and all.

It's good to be home.

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Hannah said...

They are beautiful! Especially when sleeping! Love that darling suit on de-Man.