Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Favor of Sorts

I was always the kid during elementary school fund raisers that sold one or two wares to grandparents and returned my form, never desiring to go door-to-door and increase my chances of winning prizes.  At-home parties make me slightly uncomfortable.  I am not one to solicit, it's hard for me to delegate, and sometimes I even have trouble asking for help when I need it.  

But...I am really excited about this blog contest over at Power of Moms.  The Power of Moms is a wonderful site dedicated to motherhood, and I've linked to it in my Bee Inspired page.  The contest is a chance to nominate the blogs you feel like are inspiring and motivating.  I'm not sure if I'm really accomplishing what I've set out to do, but it's my goal to write a blog that is worth your time to read and that leaves you feeling uplifted and happy and desiring to become better.  If I make it through this contest, I'll have an opportunity to attend a Power of Moms retreat, something I've been thinking about for months.  So if you have a minute and Bee has helped inspire you, I'd love it if you would nominate my blog.

Thanks, friends.  Hope you're having a wonderful day.  It's June, and that fact alone is enough to make my day brighter!


Hannah said...

You have my vote. Your blog definitely qualifies. I hope you win!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I'll nominate you! Good luck! :)