Monday, June 13, 2011

After the Weekend

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Ah, Monday- the day after the weekend spent digging out and catching up, restoring the order that came on Saturday and unraveled on Sunday.

Friday was long.  Honestly, every day has felt long over the past week.  When the muffin started oral steroids Tuesday, it created a snowball effect and by the time we reached Sunday, the baby rage that comes with a baby on steroids was at an all time high.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Friday my mom and her husband were in town, and they watched the big kids while the husband and I packed up the baby to head to allergy testing.  He handled the scratch testing much better than I expected, and the results were about what I was expecting.  He has confirmed egg, peanut, and tree nut allergies.  His dairy and soy reactions are only protein intolerance, so we can begin slowly introducing those foods- a definite victory to me!  His asthma is in a worse place than I anticipated, and we've started daily nebulizer treatments which will hopefully help us avoid the need for oral steroids.  The appointment was a flood of information, but it was really great to finally start to get a handle on some of it.  We'll get more results this Friday which may show more allergies through the lab work that they didn't test for in the scratch test, so I'm bracing myself for more potential bad news.  But overall, I feel like this is manageable.  There is still a huge learning curve and some big lifestyle changes, but I don't doubt that we'll adjust.

The rest of the weekend was spent filling many prescriptions, cooking out Friday night with my mom, planting the garden (oh so late in the season!) Saturday morning, doing chores, sneezing thanks to this intense allergy season, and hanging out.  Saturday night the husband had to go to work for routine maintenance.  He left about 8 and didn't get home until I was on my way to our 1:00 pm church meetings on Sunday.

I was single-mom-ing it at church on Sunday, and I think it was a record-setting bad day. Back to the afore-mentioned baby rage muffin, he just wouldn't sit still.  And he cried and pouted.  I let him get down to wander. He stayed close at first, but got more brave and before I knew it I was running from the back of the chapel to the front.  Just when I picked him up he bent over and grabbed the edge of my skirt and lifted it up as I was walking from the front of the chapel back to my seat.  At that point I spent more of the meeting in the hallway.  I was so relieved when it was time for Primary and I could drop the muffin off in the nursery.  After days spent with monumental amounts of crying from the poor babe, it was a breath of fresh air to hand him off to someone else for a couple hours, even though I was still busy with kids during that whole time.  In case you had any doubts about my weaknesses as a mother, I'm just confirming them for you.  It was another Sunday night/Waffle night, and everyone was tucked in by 8, leaving me with a couple hours of quiet before heading to bed.

And here we are at Monday, after the weekend and ready for the week.  It's a full one, but also a fun one, and I can't wait.  Be back soon!

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