Wednesday, May 18, 2011


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Today is a day to celebrate my sister-in-law.  What an amazing woman.  I learn so much from her and wouldn't mind being her when I grow up.  I am convinced that aside from the amazing partner I have in my husband, I needed to marry him so I could be part of his family.  I really lucked out with my in-laws.  

Today is a day to make a slightly guilt-inducing but completely delicious dinner (with bread and salad on the side).  Company is coming- an old roommate that I haven't seen or talked to in way too long.  I can't wait to catch up!

Today is a day to help out a friend while watching her little boy. He's playing happily with kid #2 right now, and hopefully they'll continue to play the afternoon away.  

Today is a day to do some cleaning.  Oh wait, that's everyday.

Today is a day to finish up end of the school year preparations.  Tomorrow is pre-school graduation, so I need to get teacher gifts situated.  Miss A has her first big report due Friday that we need to work on this afternoon. Her topic of choice: cats.  I'm not sure there's an animal I'm less fond of, but this is when I have to remind myself it's her report.  

Today is a day to cozy up inside.  The rain and the cool this week are doing nothing for my spring fever.  I'm pretty sure it's going to get instantly hot and I'm going to pine for the handful of days we've had in the 60s and 70s.  Lingering on cool-weather food is the only plus.  Making bread this afternoon softens the blow of cold weather just a little when my kitchen isn't overheated from turning on the oven.

Today is a day to reflect.  Rainy days always seem to do that to me.  Today my reflecting has turned me again to the realization that I am really blessed to know some amazing people.  And I'm even more blessed to realize that none of that is by chance- the people I know have been placed in my life for a reason.  Pretty awesome.   

How is your today? 

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Hannah said...

Ummm...that pasta looks amazing! I can't wait 'til I can try it!

Can you believe our girls are graduating from Kindergarten? It is mind boggling to me.