Monday, May 16, 2011

This One's Dedicated to the One I Love...

picture of my sweet husband being a fun dad from my sweet friend Melissa

Tonight I'm reflecting on my husband.  Maybe it's because I've actually seen him the past few days, but I feel like I've seen him in a whole new way.

Like when he remembered tonight to tell me that he heard on the radio H+M is coming to a nearby mall.  I realized that he pays attention to my shopping enjoyment, even though there is nothing on earth he would rather not be doing than shopping.

Or today when he had his glasses off and I noticed the sizable crows' feet surrounding his eyes.  I realized that those lines are completely perfect to me because he's earned them by smiling all the time.  Although he has his moods sometimes, he is a generally happy person.  He loves to laugh and smile, and he loves to make other people laugh and smile.  And that makes me happy and appreciative of his crows' feet. And it also made me wonder if I will earn crows' feet from smiling a lot, or if I'll earn wrinkles in other places from repeated sour expressions.  I'm going to work on crows' feet.  

I looked at the mess on the front porch and realized that even though a lot of the weekend projects were completed, it's ok for us to admit that we need help from the experts now and again.  Hanging our porch swing may involve an expert (I put my trust in the stud-finder, he doesn't want us to come crashing down and thinks we need to take the roof off the porch to make sure we hang the swing in the studs), and I appreciate that he doesn't have to be right or let it affect how we feel about each other.  We've learned that some things, especially when it comes to house projects, are worth paying someone and saving our marriage from the accompanying stress.

I saw the way he helped man the iron with our Sunday night waffles (becoming a bit of a tradition lately with church at 1:00) while I cooked bacon and made smoothies.  He's happy to do a job if I ask, and things are so much better for me when I do ask instead of just assuming he should see what needs done and jump in.

On Saturday he came out and weeded the garden with me.  This year is showing very little results considering time invested so far, but he still worked willingly by my side even though there were things he was trying to work on inside.  He listened intently to conversations about Buzz Lightyear and biting ants and splinters and spiders as the kids wandered around helping and playing, and he didn't complain.

I watched how he cherished our kids.  Instead of the hurried hugs and kisses that I dish out at the end of a long day, he still has patience to make those moments meaningful.  And he does the same for me, helping me realize I can slow down and give him a hug and the rest of the world can wait.  Because really, what is more important than that?

I am blessed with a good husband. I realize it more everyday.  And I am so grateful.

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Hannah said...

That picture is priceless. I am so glad that you have such a wonderful and supportive husband. It always makes me smile to listen to you talk about him. A wonderful husband is the best blessing.