Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looking for the Good

image via the totally inspiring I Am Project found at Because It's Awesome

Good morning, and if you're new here from Bloom, welcome!  I hope you'll stay a while.

A few weeks ago I decided that when Mother's Day came this year, I wasn't just going to honor my own mother and mother-in-law, but I wanted to recognize all of the mothers making a difference in my life.  This included those who may be helping in the nurture of my children in various places, as well as those mothers who teach me regularly through their example.  I ordered extra cards to share, and I wish I'd ordered more than I did!  Had I made a list ahead of time, I would have realized how many influential women I am blessed to have in my life, but I was limited to the six extra cards I'd ordered.

One thing I didn't expect to happen was the growth of love I'd have for each of these women as I sat down to write their cards.  I reflected on lessons I've learned from them.  I thought about their own strengths as mothers and the things they do that I'd like to improve at.  And while it was nice for Mother's Day, it also confirmed to me that it's nice for everyday.  The depth of my feelings for each of these women intensified, and it was a powerful exercise for me as I looked for the good so I could acknowledge the strengths of each of them.

Imagine if we all looked at each other this way!  It would be such a different world if we took time to reflect on the strengths in each other instead of feeling irritated and offended by each other's weaknesses.  This is something I desperately need to work on, but I am excited to continue sending notes and reflecting on the good that we each possess.

If you're looking for a Tuesday challenge, write a note today.  Who doesn't want to hear that they're doing a good job?  Who doesn't want to know their example has influenced someone for good?  Who doesn't love a little good mail?  And I promise it will start to change how you view others and put a spring in your step.  At least that's what it's started to do for me.  Happy Tuesday!

---Can you think of notes you've received that have made a difference to you?
---Do you naturally look for the good in others?


Candis Ellis said...

:) That's wonderful advice. Thanks C!

Carrie said...

I don't keep a lot of old papers because they seem to take up so much space, but I DO keep some cards that have meant a great deal to me--the ones that are full of compliments and love..handwritten by the best of friends. It is a pick-me-up for sure to go back and read and THIS year I have made it one of my "30th birthday goals" to send more cards/letters to those I care about.