Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A few mid-afternoon musings

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Someday I'd like to help reform the situation for the disabled regarding Medicare/Medicaid/COBRA.  I've been dealing with a lot of this stuff for my dad, and I'm starting to admit defeat.  The system is truly broken.

Someday I'll feel like I've got this Primary thing all figured out.  That day is not today. And I'm sure when I do, that is when I'll move on to something different.

Someday I'll be able to stay on task.  I'm trying to get myself motivated for a yard sale this weekend.  My neighbor is already having one, so it would be the perfect time to tag along and get the excess out of my house.  Here we are at Wednesday and my preparations to date include thinking about it.  Time to get started tonight if this is really going to happen.

Someday I'll  be a more patient mom.  My 4 year old knows how to push my buttons in a big way.  This morning I left my room having prayed to be more patient and to choose my responses instead of being so reactive, and I found him with a bag of chocolate chips under the kitchen table and a chair in my pantry used to procure his desired breakfast.  And I yelled.  And there went my hopes expressed in my prayers.  But I apologized and I've tried to be more conscious of my choices as the day has gone on.  But there is still a lot of day left to mess up.  Oh, so many opportunities for growth.

For now, I'll go enjoy the sunshine with afore-mentioned 4 year old.  I'll make dinner for a sick friend tonight. I'll clean my house and fold laundry.  I'll work on things a little bit at a time until I've finally accomplished something. And I'll enjoy the rest of this day.

Hope you're having a lovely afternoon.

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