Friday, May 13, 2011

A Bee in My Bonnet

Sweet as honey!
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It's Friday!  Blogger is functional enough to post again!  I thought I'd leave you with a list of comings and goings, bees in my bonnet if you will, to start the weekend.

1.   The husband is home today, and it's turning into a weekend of projects.  I'm very excited to see what we can get done.  Nothing is better than the sense of accomplishment after a productive weekend!

2.  Project 1: Porch swing assembly.  It's currently waiting in the garage, ready to hang later today or tomorrow.  I'm looking forward to summer nights spent swinging.

3.  Project 2: Set-up the new computer.  After 5+ years with my trusty Dell, I am now coming to you from an iMac.  So far it's fast and big and pretty awesome.  If we don't install Microsoft Office soon, I may go a little batty.  I have a lot of word processing to do this weekend.  (And if that doesn't sound totally geeky, I'm not sure what does).  I have a feeling I'm really going to love this new set-up.

4.  Project 3: Fill up our new Super Tanker.  I've been trying to ramp up our emergency preparedness lately, and water storage is a big piece of the puzzle.  Our new 250-gallon tank has found a home in the garage and we are now in the filling stages.  Next step is finding some aerobic oxygen to add to our water to increase the length of storage time.  I'm sure I'll have more to share soon about home storage and preparedness.  It's been a definite bee in my bonnet for the past few months.

5.  Project 4: Garden love.  Our poor garden boxes are off to a rough start this year.  I have planted twice now with not a lot to show.  I'm not sure if bad seeds are to blame, but I'm sure the amount of grass trying to infiltrate my garden has something to do with it.  I'll be spending a bit of time in garden gloves this weekend cleaning out and doing some more planting.  And speaking of garden gloves, if you have a pair you love, please recommend some.  I have about 5 and am yet to find a favorite.

6.  Project 5: Primary organization.  I am so excited about my new calling, but wow there is a lot to learn.  I'm sure the dust will settle soon and we will find a groove, but there are a lot of changes going on right now and a lot of details I feel like I'm missing.  Hence the word processing that needs to happen this weekend- I've got lists to make!  Logistics aside, I am so happy in my new place.  Things feel really great.

7.  This is the point where my list of projects starts to get too ambitious and the husband has to reign it in.  If it were up to me, we would also be doing serious tree-planting and landscaping this weekend.  But in this weekend mix, I have an afternoon to spend at the doctor with my dad for routine labs and check-up, plus tending the nieces and nephews tonight, plus another quick meeting for church to hand off a few things, plus the normal Saturday chores that need to happen.

Hope your weekend is a happy/productive one.  Get a bee in your bonnet and get something done.  It will feel so good!

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Hannah said...

My favorite garden gloves are from Burt's Bees. (Weird, huh?)

Yay for iMacs! They are so fun.