Friday, April 29, 2011

this house won't clean itself

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Yesterday we pulled into the driveway after school and Miss A said something that made me have a happy-mom moment.  "Mom, our grass is so green!  And the lawn is mowed!  And our tulips looks so pretty!  And it's all just...wonderful!"  I loved that the same things that make me happy are the things that make her happy.  I love that she feels that same satisfaction and pride in taking care of our home and making things beautiful. 

I did a thorough house-cleaning a couple of days ago.  Today, you can't tell a bit.  So, I'm off to try to regain that good feeling that comes with a job well done.  Spring cleaning is still very much going on around here.  Fortunately/unfortunately, the weekend forecast looks like I'll have a lot of good time indoors to work on it.

Hope you have a happy one (filled with something more exciting than spring cleaning)!

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

Yes, we'll be spring cleaning for some time to come!!!