Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sick Days

It's been a long week, and yes, it is only Wednesday morning.

On Monday the Muffin woke up and ate breakfast.  I was trying to step it up that morning and went beyond my normal oatmeal/toast/cereal routine and made a German pancake.  After eating his slice, he started having a hard time breathing.  His breaths were fast, labored, and noisy.  I made a doctor's appointment for a few hours later and spent my morning holding my sad baby.  He flopped around on me, struggling to get comfortable, and crying the second I put him down.  He was able to sleep for a little while before his appointment, and then with all three kids in tow, we went to the doctor. 

The doctor heard a lot of wheezing and said it sounded like  he was having an asthma attack.  Our doctor was also the husband's childhood doctor, and he had epic asthma as a child.  We've kind of waited to see if any of our kids would develop it because he had it so severely, but we've been lucky so far.  We did a breathing treatment and waited, and then the doctor listened again.  The treatment hadn't helped. In the mean time they did an exam and found he had an ear infection, but for some reason his tube wasn't draining.  The doctor removed some build-up blocking the tube, and in the process scratched his ear so it started bleeding everywhere.  Because the treatment didn't improve things, we were sent to the hospital for a chest x-ray and a lung-suctioning so they could test for RSV and other types of influenza.  I called my in-laws to come pick up the big kids, because after an hour at the doctor's office already, they'd had their fill of waiting.  After the testing at the hospital was complete, I picked up several prescriptions and went home to cuddle my baby who still was struggling to breath.

He fell asleep after we got home, was awake for about an hour and a half screaming, and then went back to bed for the night.  Yesterday we returned to the doctor to follow up, and he concluded that because all of the other tests came back negative, this was most likely a reaction to the large amount of eggs in the German pancake.  Armed with an epi-pen, we returned home with a boy who is getting back to normal, and is most likely allergic to eggs.     

It's been emotionally and physically exhausting. Having a child struggling to breath is one of the most frightening things as a parent I have experienced so far.  The pediatrician informed me yesterday that he almost admitted us on Monday and spent hours worrying after we'd left if he'd done the right thing.  I'm so glad my baby has improved, but have a new appreciation for the parents who endure large health challenges with their children on a daily basis. 

This morning Miss A woke up with an ear infection.  I think we'll be back at the doctor today for the third day in a row.  I'm hoping by the weekend everyone will be improved and ready for Easter fun.  In the mean time, we're taking it easy over here. 

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