Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Things on a Thursday

loving this print via

:: a sunny day and a chance to dig in the dirt
:: productivity in the kitchen cleaning out the fridge and using up ingredients that are nearing end-of-life
:: a double-batch of strawberry freezer jam
:: mixes from the Passionista blaring while I work around the house
:: a big sister reading to her little brother
:: the end of March!
:: nice e-mails from kind bloggers
:: the feeling that anything-and-everything-is-possible that accompanies this time of year
:: knowing that I get to work in Miss A's class tomorrow morning
:: plotting and planning for the husband's Friday off tomorrow
:: General Conference this weekend for my church=just the shot in the arm I need

My apologies that things haven't been as positive+awesome around here lately as I always hope for, but I think things are on the up and up.  I'll be back next week with more of the dad story, things on my mind, and hopefully more about learning from others coming soon! Thank you for supporting Bee.  It is another definite happy thing to me!

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amy zubizarreta said...

LOVE the new blog! : ) Hope you are well. Let's chat tomorrow maybe?!!