Friday, March 25, 2011

Can't Get Enough?

Gorgeous photo from Irene Suchocki, a long time Etsy fave

Not that I'm any sort of special when it comes to things to share, but in case you want more of me or more Bee a Little Better, here are a few more online stops (not like you need anymore, truly).  Buttons/permanent links will be coming soon to my sidebar.

-Bee a Little Better just started a facebook page.  It's pretty lonely there so far, but it's a start. 

-I joined Formspring.  Not sure if I'll like it (it may be like my twitter attempt  a while ago- just not my thing), but feel free to ask away.

-I've been enjoying Pinterest for several months.  An online place to store all of that inspiration that keeps track of where you found it in the first place?  Perfection.  Feel free to follow my boards


Plans for the weekend include date night tonight, dry-pack canning tomorrow morning, and some spring cleaning sprinkled in.  I loved the tips on Clover Lane about increasing your house love by focusing on your own home and giving it a good scrubbing.  I'm hoping it will cure my "everything in this house needs changed" feeling that comes every spring.


Hannah said...

I can never get enough! Glad you are venturing into Formspring. It's quite fun.

Kristi said...

Enjoy your date night...that's exciting! :)
Thanks for mentioning some ways to connect more. I think I'll go checkout Formspring & Pinterest. I've never heard of either...but then again, I'm a new blogger. There's MUCH I haven't heard about! :)