Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Everyday

a common scene in my everyday- picture taken last summer by my dear friend Melissa
Ah, what a nice break it was yesterday.  Nothing too eventful, but a break nonetheless.  The husband stayed home yesterday although it wasn't a scheduled holiday for him, partially because he's fighting a cold, partially because he was so sick when he arrived home from his business trip that our weekend of family fun didn't really happen.  Yesterday was a much needed day to catch up and enjoy each other.  The sun was out which instantly improved my mood.  The kids were happy to have dad at home and to play.  Everyone loved dinner- and getting my kids to eat a salad for dinner felt like a small miracle of sorts.

I love days like yesterday when it seems like the small moments of good become glued in my memory, later to become reminders during the hard times (of which there are plenty) about why I love this time of life.  I took notice of the way the muffin is changing his play, becoming more interactive and curious all the time, and how pleased he was to say his brother's name for the first time.  I relished in the cooperative cleaning up that took place and the eager helpers when I was scrubbing the floors.  I admired the husband in his element playing with the kids, trying to convince Miss A why she should consider a future career in computers and humouring de-Man with Star Wars conversations of which my knowledge is much more limited. 

The everyday is beautiful.  It's what makes me happy- if I'm grounded enough to remember it during the really hard, exhausting, difficult times.  Seeing the Everyday is a magazine written in this same vein.  I love reminders like this of simple goodness and think a subscription is on my wish-list. 

What are your favorite everyday moments?


Meg said...

I love when my kids climb in bed with me in the morning and we snuggle while watching morning cartoons. I used to feel guilty about this - that we started our mornings with TV and me dozing back to sleep. Now I see it as a special time with my kids that I won't always have.

Hannah said...

I love watching my baby explore. Putting the plastic orange into the plastic cup and clapping when they fit perfectly. I love hearing my two older ones giggling in their under-the-stairs playhouse as they tell each other jokes that make no sense. I love cooking with my daughter and playing super-hero with my son. I love tub time and dinner time.

That picture is darling.

And I really want a subscription too! That magazine sounds wonderful!

lovely by m said...

Mmmm yes we are totally on the same page...and I absolutely love that captured moment in your picture.

Ella said...

I love BBQ chicken salads. I like jullienned jicama in it too. I want to try that dressing recipe though!

ourpiepshow said...

Sneaking into my kids' rooms after they are sleeping to swipe a last peaceful kiss.