Monday, February 28, 2011

Early to Rise

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I've been starting my day in a new way, lately.  Since I became a mom, I've almost always let my kids be my wake-up call.  I attribute it to having young children.  It's rare when someone isn't awake during the night be it bad dreams or teething or ear infections, and even if I'm just listening to sleepy feet headed to the bathroom, I'm awake listening.  The lack of completely restful sleep led me to try to get every extra minute in the mornings.  The idea of waking up earlier and making my day any longer than it already is seemed to me a combination of silly and impossible.  But now, I'm doing it.

The husband leaves early for work.  His morning commute it about 35 minutes due to the lack of traffic at dark thirty in the morning.  Over the past little while I've asked him to wake me up before he heads out for the day, and I've been shocked at the difference it makes.  I have time to read and study my scriptures. I have time to pray. I have time to think and to organize my day.  I have time to do some morning blog reading.  On really good days, I have time to shower and get ready.  On even better days, I have time to make a big breakfast instead of our normal instant oatmeal or bowl of cereal.  But on the best days, I'm still in bed reading and the kids come pile in and we cuddle for a while and read together. 

This morning Miss A said to me, "Mom, I love how happy you are at us this morning."  That's been the other great change with my early rising.  When the kids were waking me up, I was often irritable with them for disturbing my sleep.  Now, I feel happy to wake up because I actually see the husband for a minute before he leaves for his long days at the office, and I am excited to have a few minutes to myself to start my day on the right foot.  I feel ready for the kids to wake up and can enjoy their fresh faces and warm bodies and bed-head do's.  It's making a huge difference, which is making me think this is a change that will stick.

What do you think?  Are you an early riser?  Do you want to be?  


Janell R. Cropper said...

I have a six a.m. aerobics class twice a week that gets me up early, and I really think it would be fabulous to continue. I need to reflect on all the positive things to help me keep doing it!

KiwiAtHeart said...

I get up early every morning to run or other exercise. It is a great way to start my day!

Britley said...

Um, how does this actually work? I would love to be a morning person, but I just can't do it. Any practical tips?

Christina said...

@Britley- Let me just say I still don't consider myself to be a morning person. I think realizing that about myself is actually part of the motivation- I need to get the grumpy out before I'm "on" for the day with my kids. I think the positive results of feeling happy with them in the morning are my real motivation to keep going. I'm not bounding out of bed in the morning- I stay under the covers and start my reading for the day for a while, but just being up and alert before my kids is a great change.Plus, it's nice to see the husband for a minute before he leaves, and the fact that he's waking me up everyday is really the best kind of alarm clock.

erin@mamaswhoknow said...

My days are definitely better if I can a few things taken care of before my kids get up.

Of course it always starts with going to bed early enough the night before and hoping for a good nights sleep, but I can definitely see the value of being up with the sun--or before!

Melissa E Photography said...

Waking up a little early has been the BIGGEST factor in me being a happy grounded mom. I hate that alarm every morning, but it is always worth it in the end.