Monday, February 14, 2011

All you need is love...

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I love the above quote from Mother Teresa.  To me this is the essence of Valentine's Day, and really, everyday.  It's easy as a mom to make elaborate holiday plans and think that all of that effort will definitely show our love to our family.  I'm not trying to discount the work and love that goes into grand celebrations, because I also believe that love is in the details.  But I have been thinking about how ironic it is that often in the getting ready for such celebrations, I get irritated with my family along the way, usually in their efforts to help.  I've been thinking about how I've missed the boat if the holiday celebration is supposed to convey my love, but I'm not showing it in the everyday little things.  Would my kids rather have pink pancakes and wrapped gifts, or would they give those up entirely if they could have a mom who was always patient and kind when trying to find shoes and coats as we were leaving the house?  Would my husband enjoy an elaborate meal every Valentine's Day, or would he trade it in if he could always be met with my best self as he came home at the end of the day instead of the tired leftover me he usually sees?  I love a good holiday party and the traditions and fun that we have as a family.  But I think this year I won't be sad if I put a little less effort into the "special occasions" so I can put a little more effort into the everyday occasions.   Life is made up of the small things.  Today I'm going to work on doing the small things with great love. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Hannah said...

That is so true! I tend to overthink/overdo holidays. But you are right...what really matters are the little things.